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USBPre 1.5 Stand-Alone Operation

Q: Is it possible to operate a USBPre 1.5 without interfacing or connecting it to a computer (i.e. passing a 16 bit/48 kHz digital signal to a DAT deck via SPDIF)?

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Maximum File Size Limitations for 7-Series Recorders

Q: How do you handle the 2 GB file size limit that is often associated with .WAV files? Will the file system break a recording seamlessly at a given file size and start a new one without any operator intervention?

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Maximum Sampling Rates of the 7-Series Recorders

Q: What is the maximum sample rate that the 7-Series recorders support? Do they accept a 24/192 signals from external digital sources?

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Sound Devices Products’ Performance with Low Batteries

The power supply in all Sound Devices mixers and recorders use efficient switching power supplies. They will run at full performance until power is exhausted, then they shut down. Unlike a product with a linear power supply where the noise level increases as voltage sags, Sound Devices mixers and recorders will stay within spec until […]

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Compact Flash Card Recommendations for 7-Series

Q: Is there a particular brand of CF cards/size/speed that works best with the 7-Series recorders? There are numerous options available on the market.

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CL-1 Logic I/O Assignment

When a logic connection has been assigned as a logic output in the Setup Menu (CL-1: Logic Out Assign), it cannot also be assigned as an input until removing its output assignment.

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