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Mixer Interconnection with Lectrosonics Wireless

Lectrosonics wireless systems are popular companions to Sound Devices field mixers. Their construction and audio performance make a “kit” built with Sound Devices mixers and “Lectro” wireless very flexible, compact, and capable.

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Hard Drive Upgrades for 722, 744T, and 788T Recorders

Sound Devices 722, 744T, 788T, and 788T-SSD include internal, 2.5-inch drive mechanisms. These are industry-standard storage mechanisms that can be user-replaced.

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Seven Quick Steps to Great Field Audio

The seven (well…eight actually) steps below are important keys to achieving great field production audio.

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MP-1 Electrical Modifications

The modifications detailed below include: Changing Low-Cut Frequency Adding an external DC jack Changing 12V Phantom to 12V T power>

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Live Recording Microphone Tips

Engineers spend their whole careers building a library of techniques for recording live performances. Microphone placement and selection are key elements of a successful recording.

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XL-LB2 Accessory Cable Pin Configuration

The diagram below illustrates the pin configuration of the XL-LB2 LEMO®-5 to BNC input and BNC output cable. This cable is used to jam SMTPE timecode to and from audio and video equipment with BNC connectors.

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