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USBPre with SIA Smaart Software

by Pat Brown of Synergetic Audio Concepts, Inc. The Sound Devices USBPre overcomes many of the shortcomings of internal PC sound cards. Important benefits include balanced inputs, phantom power, analog level controls, meters, bus-powering to eliminate batteries and “wall warts,” and of course high-quality audio inputs.

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Oscillation with Transformer-Balanced Inputs

Condition Depending on several conditions, chiefly the microphone, the transformer-balanced inputs, such as those on the 302, 442, MixPre, MM-1, MP-1, and MP2, can get into an oscillating condition with a microphone that renders the audio unusable. This oscillation is often described as a “motorboating” condition since this low frequency oscillation sounds like a motor […]

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bandwidth of 7-Series Microphnone Preamplifiers

7-Series Preamplifier Bandwidth

w Many test and measurement applications take advantage of the impressive bandwidth offered by the 722 and 744T analog inputs. Linear frequency response, particularly low frequency response, is needed for noise and vibration measurements. Linear high frequency response is useful when slowing audio in post production.

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Audio Level Metering with Sound Devices Field Mixers

This article moves beyond the basics to specifically discuss metering with Sound Devices 442, MixPre, and MP-2 portable products. A good general understanding of audio level metering is helpful before understanding the nuances of Sound Devices meters.

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702 or 722 Upgrade to Time Code

Question: Is there, or will there be a possibility to upgrade the 702 or 722 to time code in the future? Answer: It is not possible to upgrade the 702 or 722 to include time code. They have unique circuit boards. If time code is a required feature, consider the 702T, 744T, or the 788T, […]

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Mixer Interconnection with Lectrosonics Wireless

Lectrosonics wireless systems are popular companions to Sound Devices field mixers. Their construction and audio performance make a “kit” built with Sound Devices mixers and “Lectro” wireless very flexible, compact, and capable.

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