DVD-RAM Media Used in the XL-DVDRAM

Q: I'm running an XL-DVDRAM with my 702T, and am using it to copy/back-up the files I record on the 702T. I noticed that you recommend 5X DVD-RAMs for this, but that 3X would work. My vendor stocks 3X, and I was wondering how critical (or how much better) the 5X work when compared with the 3X. How important is 5X DVD-RAM media? A: 3x DVD-RAM media is fine for use with the XL-DVDRAM and 7-Series recorders. 5X media has shown to be slightly more reliable but can be difficult to source. If all you can find is 3x media you won't have trouble. We do recommend however, that you purchase some 5x media and compare for yourself to draw your own conclusions. There have been mixed results when comparing them.

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