High Sampling Rate Recording with the 788T

788T firmware version 1.65 introduces the ability to record multiple tracks at 88.2 and 96 kHz sampling rates. These rates are typically used in ultra high fidelity recording applications, such as classical music recording, test & measurement applications, or sound FX recording. There are several things to consider when using a 788T to record at these sampling rates.

  • Simultaneous recording at 88.2 / 96  kHz is limited to only two storage media. The 788T will display a notification message if you try selecting 3 media at these high sampling rates.
  • 88.2/96 kHz recording is limited to 8 tracks. If you attempt to select more than 8 tracks, the 788T will display a notification message.
  • Sound Devices strongly recommends using high speed UDMA CompactFlash cards for high sampling recording applications.
  • Input limiters are disabled at 88.2/96 kHz sampling rates
  • Make certain the signal sources, such as microphones, etc. are capable of generating signal audio bandwidths above 20 kHz. There is little utility in doubling storage requirements to record an octave of nothing.

Download firmware revision 1.65 here.

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