Jonathan Wyatt

Jonathan Wyatt has been using Audio Limited Wireless Systems throughout his 30-year career. 

“I have pretty much been using Audio radiomics throughout my career and when the A10’s came out I knew they would sound incredible. I still have my Audio 2040 kits which also sound great, although I am currently using nothing but A10’s at the moment. Compared with other radios the A10’s sound fantastic! They have a terrific limiter. We love the app, having non-invasive control over the transmitter is great.

I have used the A10’s on Gentleman Jack (BBC/HBO), Cold Call (C5) and am about to use them on another period drama – All Creatures Great and Small (a remake of the period James Herriot vet series which is being made by Playground).

[Working on Gentleman Jack] was one of the most challenging but enjoyable jobs I have done – the crew was remarkable and we were telling a great story. The sound team was a four man team: Dan Dewsnap 1st AS, Adam Johnston 2nd AS, Joe Allman Trainee and myself as Production Sound Mixer. 

The biggest challenge of the shoot was filming a costume drama with period dress that could sometimes be noisy. We were also in a contemporary environment with traffic and aircraft etc. We also had some minor noise issues with the MKH50’s but always found a workaround and I’m very proud to say there was minimal ADR. Everyone was very pleased with the results we delivered. 

We were using a Cantar X3 to record on with ten A10-TX’s (two on booms and eight lavs) to capture the production sound. Eight came in to the recorder digitally via the A10-Rack and the other two coming into the microphone inputs. I own 14 A10-TX units and there’s no problem with spacing the frequencies. We can get up to 20 kits running in CH38 so that’s fantastic. We used a standard range of microphones: MKH416’s, MKH50’s on the booms and our go-to lavs were DPA4060 core microphones. 

Using the A10’s was a bit of a learning curve. I think I started a shoot with them all on high power and within seconds was on the phone to Kishore (Patel, Managing Director of Audio Ltd) at Audio asking why I had no range. Kish explained that it was possible to overload the receiver at close range and to try low power. This resolved the issue and I now have everything on low power from the start. Initially if we need a bit more range I just move my antennas a bit closer.”

When he isn’t on location, Jonathan plays trombone and has been the bandleader of the Jonathan Wyatt Big Band for over 30 years. Visit them here.

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