Mat Adams

Manchester-based location sound recordist Mat Adams uses his Sound Devices and Audio Limited gear in all sorts of conditions. 

“Right now we’re mid-studio which is unusual for me. It’s a studio-location hybrid so the sound setup isn’t a typical studio fixed installation. We have 16 channels in two A10-RACKs using Dante and then a backup and monitoring system. We also have an analog system using the Sound Devices 688 as a master system.” 

“There’s also a second location where the contestants live and that’s more of a traditional location setup. There’s two of us using 688 and SL-6’s with the A10 System in there. We can tune across the cast as we need them or just split and get ISO tracks based on what’s needed by the camera crew. The A-FLIP is a great little product! I’m 99% working out of the bag, and wanted to keep an eye on telemetry from the receiver. You can use your eyes and ears to make sure everything stays in range better so having them flipped means I can see the LED’s and get a warning before someone goes out of range.” 

“Now that Audio Limited is paired with Sound Devices there’s a great track record of updates and change implementation. As a lifelong Sound Devices user I’ve been a fan of how they listen to users and implement firmware changes. The gear that’s come out is always something I wanted to see. I think I was the first person in the UK to have 633! I was watching the livestream from NAB 5 or 6 years ago when it was announced and I thought “This is amazing! This is exactly what we need for location!” I picked up the phone immediately and called my dealer in Manchester and started using it the next day.” 

Adams relies on the Audio Limited User Groups feature to improve his workflow and simplify day-to-day tuning. 

“With this show we have ten contestants and four presenters/judges and their names stay for the entire shoot so we put them in Mic2Wav and build the User Group. On rig days before the shoot we put in the User group on and tried it; straight away it was brilliant. On the 688 through the SL-6 you can just dial the name in and hit the encoder. It’s been a really slick way of doing it.” 

For his work on the Channel 4 program SAS: Who Dares Wins, Adams needed durability. 

“It’s a technically demanding shoot, maintaining timecode for 10-12 cameras with a rig setup and 688’s and dealing with dirt, wet, cold, dust, and snow. You’re required to be self-sufficient as well as do your job. There’s safety in place but you’re required to look after yourself. I look for the physical and demanding work. That’s something I enjoy.” 

Learn more about Mat Adams at his website.

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