Sound Pro Ronan Hill on the A10 Wireless System

5 July, 2018, Rickmansworth, UK — Production sound mixer Ronan Hill, CAS, has received four Primetime Emmys and five Cinema Audio Society awards for his work on Game of Thrones.  Audio Ltd. recently asked him as a longtime Audio Ltd. customer, what his thoughts are on the new A10 Digital Wireless Microphone System.

He was kind of enough to respond from the set of Season 8 of Game of Thrones. 

“For someone who loves the sound of a boom mic on a cable, the Audio Ltd A10 is a remarkable piece of kit which sounds every bit as good. The main reason for being on a cable is ultimate control. You can adjust the level of the coarse gain on a mixer channel preventing overload of the preamp and set a level within the range of the channel limiter.

“When using an A10 on a boom the first thing you notice is how transparent the sound is. There is no additional noise or transmitter or compander artefacts, just pure sound. The body pack transmitter has built in phantom power which keeps it light on the pole. When you are working on a show like Game of Thrones you are dealing with scenes which vary wildly in performance level and scale. The A10 has handled comfortably anything we have thrown at it.

“For peaky scenes you can reduce the level on the transmitter and increase it on the desk without any discernible difference in noise (on my Cooper 208) and with a decent analogue limiter on the A10, you can retain the natural sound of clashing swords. On a walk test the A10 significantly out performed an Audio Ltd 2040. The distance you can deploy the mics is well beyond the feasibility of running a cable on an exterior set with cameras looking in several directions and when you add to this the speed and flexibility of set up change with the bonus of onboard recording, you have all the bases covered.”

Ronan Hill, CAS
Production sound mixer
Game of Thrones (Seasons:1-8)

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