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7-Series DC Power Supply Overview

The 7-Series recorders are powered by either a removable Li-ion battery or external DC sources. Sound Devices includes a DC power supply with the unit. The specific supply and its output power varies, based on the time of purchase.


All 7-Series recorders are currently packaged with a DC power supply providing 45 Watts. This supply includes a U.S. IEC power cord, though the supply accepts AC input between 100 V and 240 V, 50/60 Hz. This supply has the model number XL-WPH3.

Discontinued Sound Devices Power Supply Products

Sound Devices has made changes to the power supplies included with the two- and four-channel recorders. The original XL-WPH power supply, a two-prong supply providing 24 watts, has been discontinued. The XL-WPH is shown below.

XL-WPH Power Supply

The XL-WPH2 was also discontinued and replaced with the XL-WPH3. The XL-WPH2 provided 30 Watts and included a U.S. IEC power cord, though the supply accepts AC input between 100 V and 240 V, 50/60 Hz. The XL-WPH2 is shown below.


788T Power Supplies

When first introduced, the 788T shipped with the 30 watt XL-WPH2 supply. With the added demands of eight inputs with phantom on each input, the supply was revised to the present supply, the XL-WPH3.

The XL-WPH3 provides 45 watts, which is more than sufficient to power the unit with all inputs active, and charge an attached Li-ion battery.

SOUNDDEV Folder in 7-Series Storage Volumes

Storage volumes formatted by 7-Series recorders generate three folders in the volume's root. These folders are named FALSETAKES, TRASH, and SOUNDDEV. The FALSETAKES and TRASH folders can be viewed and emptied from the 7-Series recorder. The SOUNDDEV folder is hidden and cannot be accessed from the 7-Series recorder; it is only visible when the storage medium is mounted to a computer. (more…)

Linking Multiple 7-Series Recorders Using C. Link

Multi-Unit Linking via C. Link Diagram
Sound Devices 7-Series recorders are equipped with a proprietary C. Link (control link) 6-pin modular input and output connections. These connections allow multiple 702, 702T, 722, and 744T recorders to be daisy-chained together for recordings requiring high track counts. (more…)