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Gain Display Accuracy in 7-Series LCD

The 7-series recorders show a preamplifier gain value on the LCD. This value is an approximation of the mic preamp gain. It is not an exact representation of input-to-digital signal gain.


Power Supply and AC Power Cord for 7-Series Recorders

IEC US Power Cord
Beginning October 2007, the included AC power supply for the 7-Series recorders was revised to an improved, in-line, grounded supply. The new power supply, like the original power supply, is designed for worldwide operation, accepting 100-240 VAC at 50/60 Hz. Unlike the original supply, this new supply uses a detachable power cord. (more…)

Editing Metadata on Multiple 7-Series Recorders

Q: I have a couple questions about the CL-1:

  1. Can I use ONE keyboard to enter metadata on multiple 7-Series even if it needs to be entered physically twice?
  2. Can the CL-1 be used to control transport of both machines? I am assuming this is possible...