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Headphones Knob Grip Flex Sleeve For MixPre

Made By: Bioluminous


  • Flexible sleeve fits tightly over existing knob (recorder not included).
  • Sleeve does not interfere with headphone port (recorder not included).
  • Shown installed on recorder (we also offer colored knob sleeves – recorder not included).

The new MixPre II series comes with a soft, black rubber sleeve that makes using the headphone encoder extremely easy with just one finger (no more tweaking your fingers down the edge of your bag just to make adjustments!). But the sleeve is very soft and easily lost.

This replacement sleeve is made of a flexible plastic that is harder than the original, but still soft on the fingers and easy to attach. It just presses into place and stays put. The design is a copy of the factory supplied version and was re-created by us in-house. Made in red to match the other colors and also to be easy to find in a sound bag.

MP6-SL2 Mount

Made by: Dhun Designs.

The MP6-SL2 is an integrated mount for a MixPre-6 which distributes audio and power via the DB25 connectors on the bottom of most major two-channel receivers.

The MP6-SL is a dashboard style solution that was designed to be as compact as possible. It allows users to seamlessly integrate and switch different receivers in and out of the MixPre-6 without needing to reach into the bag and mess around with cables and connectors.

No more changing your DB25 superslot plate when switching receivers between cart or bag rigs!


Audio distribution

  • via 4x TA3 Outputs allowing for quick swapping of cables if there is a fault.

Power distribution outputs

  • On 2x Hirose 4 pin connectors
  • Allows a single loop out for the MixPre-6 and a spare Hirose for powering auxiliary devices like links

Power Input

  • A single Hirose 4-pin connector distributes power to all devices negating the need for a distro or multiple cables.

Optional Cable Pack


  • 4x Ta3 to XLR Right angle cables (All black caps)
  • 1x Hirose 4 to Hirose 4 (please specify if you’d prefer a longer cable for the Sound Devices right side power entry)

MixPre II Live Demo & QA

Jun 19, 2023, 11:00 AM
Online US

Join us on June 19th, 2023, at 11:00am CDT, for a very special live stream event featuring our MixPre II Series of mixer-recorders. Laura Sillanpää, Sound Devices Technical Support Specialist, will walk you through all the features available to you in the devices’ Advanced Mode. Whether you’re just getting started using a MixPre II mixer-recorder or you’ve used one for years, Laura will help you feel more comfortable working with inputs and outputs, deciphering timecode, understanding record settings, entering metadata, and choosing appropriate plugins.

You can register by filling out the form below.


Prepare your students for a career in production sound with the equipment they will use as future professionals. Sound Devices mixer-recorders are industry-standard, hardy, powerful, and will stand the test of time for many generations of students.


The 8-Series is used by professional sound mixers worldwide to capture audio for renowned films and episodic series. Training your students on the 8-Series now will give them the advantage when they enter the industry after graduation. The Scorpio, 888, and 833 excel in any production scenario thanks to their ultra low-noise preamplifiers, Dante in and out (Scorpio/888), two automixing algorithms, optional noise suppression plugins, remote control from phones and tablets via the SD-Remote application and plenty of flexibility for inputs, outputs, media, control surfaces, and powering.

María Mejía Yepes, assistant professor and coordinator of the Audio Program concentration at the Roy H. Park School of Communications at Ithaca College, learned production sound on Sound Devices mixer-recorders. Now she’s teaching her students the art and craft of location sound using Scorpios and MixPre-6s.

“I started with a 702 and not only liked the quality of its preamps but how user-friendly it was, then moved to the 744T, 552, and 664. It was a natural decision to me to go for it, even though at the time I was hired, the school had different field recorders.”

Read her story.

MixPre II Series

The MixPre II Series is lightweight, compact, and highly portable. Its 32-bit float bit depth offers an astounding 142 dB of dynamic range in a small chassis that is perfect for long days of bag work. Like the 8-Series, the MixPre II Series features boutique preamplifiers designed by Sound Devices, so your students can get pristine sound during budget productions.

Mark Vogelsang, Program Director of Audio for Visual Media at the Ontario Institute of Audio Recording Technology (OIART), chose Sound Devices mixer-recorders for their ubiquity and longevity.

“I did a survey of graduates on who is using what in production sound, and all are currently or have used Sound Devices products as a main recorder/mixer plus multiple SD units for backup. We want our graduates to be ready to go out on their own as well as assisting professionals who have been in the industry for some time, they all use SD products, therefore our graduates have to be comfortable with what the industry uses. They can easily adapt to other recorders if they’ve learned on a Sound Devices unit.”

Read his story.

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