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Installing Wave Agent on Mac OS Catalina and Big Sur

Step 1

Uninstall any previous version of Wave Agent. 

Download Wave Agent for macOS here.

After downloading, open Finder and locate WaveAgent_Mac_v1.20.
Expand the folder as shown below. 

Open the file wave-agent-macos-1.20.dmg

Opening the file will generate a removable drive icon on the desktop and/or finder.

Step 2

Open the removable drive icon.

Select and right-click wave-agent-macos-1.20.mpkg.

After right-clicking, navigate to “Show Package Contents” in the sub menu, opening a new window.

Step 3

The new window will display a “Contents” folder. Navigate to “Contents” -> “Resources” and locate Wave Agent Beta.pkg

Once you’ve located Wave Agent Beta.pkg, hold Control (⌃) while you right-click on the .pkg file. While still holding Control (⌃), click Open in the sub menu. 

Holding control down allows users to manually open applications without having to change global security settings on their macOS.

Step 4

The following prompt will appear:

Press Open to begin the installation process for Wave Agent.

Troubleshooting Wave Agent Mac Installations

Wave Agent is a simple, powerful tool to aid sound mixers in previewing audio files and performing essential metadata editing. In most cases, Wave Agent installs with no troubles in Mac OS. If you do have installation troubles, the steps below can help get Wave Agent up and running in the Mac OS environment.


Wave Agent on Linux

Wine is a Windows application loader for the Linux operating system with a well-established history. Using wine, it is possible to install and run the Windows version of Wave Agent beta on Linux, with a few limitations. Wine is available in the official repositories of most popular Linux distributions.


Wave Agent

Wave Agent for Windows

[file_download fileslug=waveagent_win_v1-20]

Wave Agent for MacOS

[file_download fileslug=waveagent_mac_v1-20]