Connecting 970/PIX260i/270i with the Yamaha 01V96 via Dante Audio Networking

The Sound Devices/Video Devices 970, PIX 260i, and PIX 270i units benefit from the inclusion of Dante digital audio networking capability. Dante allows for many channels of digital audio to be transferred between any Dante-compatible devices on a Dante network. Utilizing Dante, microphones, preamplifiers, mixers, recorders and many other devices may be connected together on one common, Ethernet-based network allowing for clean and simple physical connections as well as pristine, ground-loop and noise-free audio. Dante provides additional functionality in that any or all channels of audio may be routed to any of the Dante devices on the network independently.

A typical Dante setup with 970 mirrored recorders

Setup notes for above Dante configuration:

  • Four Cat5e/Cat6e cables will be required in addition to the above hardware.
  • A PC or Mac with the Dante Controller application will be required to do a one-time setup of the Dante network. This free application is available for download here.
  • Connect the PC or Mac with Dante Controller application to the dedicated Dante ethernet switch with a Cat5e/Cat6e network cable.
  • The Yamaha 01v96/Dante card should be selected as “Preferred Master” in Dante Controller’s Clock Status tab.
  • Naming of devices and individual audio streams may be done in Dante Controller
  • The Yamaha 01v96 must use ADAT 1-2 selected for clock. See below:
  • All input and output routing for the Yamaha 01v96 should be done on the console itself.
  • Routing audio flows between Dante devices may be done via Dante Controller. Specific PIX 260i/PIX 270i/970 input routing may be done from the audio screen of the PIX 260i/PIX 270i/970.
  • Once the Dante configuration is done in Dante Controller, the devices will remember their assignments. If no Dante configuration changes need to be made, the system will power down and power up again remembering it’s configuration at last power down. So, as long as the Dante configuration doesn’t change, Dante Controller/computer is not needed for use.
  • Once configured, the PIX recorders will be able to receive up to 16 channels of audio from the Yamaha 01v96 via the Dante network.
  • Video: PIX 260i and Yamaha 01V Setup and Interconnection with Dante.
  • More Dante setup FAQs may be found here.

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