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Mike Bettes

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Lead meteorologist for The Weather Channel takes Sound Devices 302 along for a wild ride into the heart of Tornado Alley.

788T Limiter Overview

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High quality limiters are an essential tool for the production sound mixer’s tool kit. As the number of sound sources increases it becomes increasingly difficult to anticipate sudden and excessive changes in the volume levels of multiple sound sources. To prevent input overload, the 788T, like all Sound Devices field production mixers and recorders, has […]

Connecting Line Level Signals to the 302 and 442 Mix In

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The Mix In connection on the 302 and 442 Field Mixers is an unbalanced stereo TA3 Male input designed to link multiple Sound Devices field mixers. This connection routes signals directly to the Master Output Bus and is designed to interconnect with the Tape Out/Mix Out of Sound Devices MixPre, 302, and 442 mixers. There […]

Output Balancing Topologies

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Of Equal and Opposites Of the dizzying array of questions that the expansive and all-knowing Sound Devices Technical Support Department fields, the one which has the most people confused, bamboozled, and flummoxed is: “What is this ‘impedance’ balanced output stage that you use on on early MixPre’s and the TA3 outputs of the 442?” Here […]