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David Thirion

Sound recordist trusts 788T with a CL-8 accessory to capture the ambiance of Champ Of The Camp for Dubai’s first full-length 5.1 surround-sound film. (more…)

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788T Firmware v3.01

  • New
    • Added 'A-H' meter view which gives the ability to meter the eight ISO tracks without having to switch meter view.
  • Changed
    • Removed Drive Speed Test due to inconsistent results. The original test was developed and optimized for use with older HDDs. It does not give accurate results with today's media.
    • Removed space character from the Take Designator and Scene Name menus as these can cause various work flow problems.
    • Recalls last meter view upon power up.
  • Fixed
    • CL-9 Max Acceleration is now working when USB keyboard is connected.
    • Note: It may be necessary to alter the Max speed setting to get the same acceleration feel as before.
    • CL-9 trim values now held over power cycles.
    • Outputs Set to HP L and HP R are now active after power cycle.
    • Changing current scene name while recording now ripples through to next take.

Darryl L. Frank, CAS

Breaking Bad's Darryl Frank in the lab

Emmy award-nominated sound mixer relies on a variety of Sound Devices mixers and recorders to keep viewers hooked on the popular AMC series Breaking Bad.


Products Mentioned

Products Mentioned


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Products Mentioned

788T Firmware v3.00

  • New
    • Support for 192 kHz sample rate. Up to four tracks (L thru B), one media only.
    • Scene, take, notes, false takes, circle and track name metadata is now linked between C-Linked 788Ts.
    • Added L-ident tone mode, including TONE+LAMP shortcut to toggle the mode on or off.
    • Added user-customizable CL-9 trim encoder adjustment. Affects trim gain and EQ Frequency.
    • Option to decode MS into LR MIX only and leave ISO tracks as un-decoded MS.
    • Added limiters for digital inputs (AES3 and AES42).
    • Faster drive formatting.
    • Added new Timecode mode, 'Free Run - Auto Output Mute'. This is the same as Free run mode, but mutes the Lemo timecode output when stopped. This can be used to roll external devices when Rec run timecode is not suitable.
  • Changed
    • Default Ext Low Voltage Threshold changed from 10.0V to 11.3V.
  • Fixed
    • Output four, one sample delay.
    • 4 GB file split bug.
    • Various system improvements and optimizations.