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Fader Knobs Glow-In-The-Dark / 2-Color for 8-Series

Made By: Bioluminous.

We have worked with production sound mixers from all around the world to design and perfect a set of fader knobs for Sound Devices recorders. The stock factory knobs are sharp to the touch and hard to see in dark conditions or in a bag. These knobs are designed to feel very nice on the fingers with smooth, sculpted edges. And easy to see because they glow after exposure to light.

Large fader knobs sit 1.5mm higher than the factory knob for easier access. Small fader knobs sit approximately 4mm higher than the stock knob and do not retract flush like the stock one does. All knobs feature a main color along with a phosphorescent white section that glows green when exposed to light (we recommend using a small keychain UV LED to charge the glow for the best effect). After exposure, the knobs will glow for a while.

Will fit many models (please contact us if you have a model not listed in the title).

Smart Battery Distribution System

Made by: Avington.

Smart Battery Distribution System for Sound Devices 833 and 888

This is a smart battery slot-in holder with ten power outputs, one on TA4 carrying smart battery data, in two groups with main and subgroup switches.  There’s a colour display showing battery time remaining as well as battery wear data.  This is screwed to your Sound Devices unit adding only 31mm to the depth. 

  • Enables rapid battery swaps
  • Battery remaining run time displayed
  • Battery charge percentage shown
  • Battery cycles and depletion percentage shown in startup
  • Smart battery data passed on to your mixer
  • Main switch controls all outputs with a sub switch also controlling half of the outputs
  • Nine Hirose outputs and one TA4 flying lead output 
  • Screws to the Sound Devices unit
  • 11.3 (320g) weight and 5A (70 watt) self resetting fused 

The Smart Battery Distributor combines a battery holder and battery distribution system (BDS) all in one with a data screen that gives running time and battery condition information.  All battery data is passed on to the mixer.  The unit screws to the two top lugs of a Sound Devices unit providing a secure and tidy setup for your bag or trolley.  

There is no other device currently on the market that tells you how worn out your batteries are.

Control Surface

Made By: Location Sound London.

Probably the smallest 8 channels control surface for location sound.

It is lightweight, small, reliable and it fits in the sound bag.

Ideal for those situations when slide faders feel more precise than rotative potentiometers.

  • Compact control surface for Sound Devices 8xx recorders.
  • Plugs into the USB port of your recorder via USB-C cable (provided).
  • The internal PCB and anti-dirt curtains ensure great operational reliability.
  • Dimensions: 9x7x2.5 cm 

Channels 7 & 8 remote

Made By: Location Sound London.

Compact control surface for channels 7 & 8. You can adjust the gain, enter the channel’s menu and control the volume. No sub-menus, all the functions are accessible from the front panel. Ideal for those situations when, you hold the boom with one hand and adjust the trim with the other while keeping an eye to the action.

  • Compact control surface for Sound Devices 8xx recorders.
  • Plugs into the USB port of your recorder via USB-C cable (provided).
  • The small knob is an encoder which controls gain and access the channel’s menu by pushing it.
  • The large knob is a volume potentiometer.


Made By: MINI Control.

 Mini Control 2 (“MC2”) is a versatile compact MIDI controller designed to work with the full Sound Devices 8-Series mixer/recorder line-up. It provides convenient control of channels not easily accessible on the host device’s front panel. Amongst many other features, it can control channels: • 7-12 on an 833 • 9-16 on an 888 • 13-20 on a Scorpio


Made By: Simon Jorgensen.

This is a midi mappable button box for Sound Devices 8 series recorders. Footswitch NOT included

I designed this entirely for my own use case:

  • I wanted a midi mappable footswitch for handsfree momentary comms talkback
  • a second midi mappable button for various functions (in my case automix on/off)
  • I also wanted a handy fader pot for an output

So I combined those three things in a tiny box.

You can map the functions to whatever you want in the 8 series -> controllers -> mapping menu.