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A20-Nexus/Nexus Go firmware v1.63

Download v1.63


  • Add support for T&M (Test and Measurement) modulation.


  • Improvements to AutoAssign algorithm. 
  • Faster unmuting of NexLinked transmitters. 


  • System Date/Time changes now automatically get sent to NexLinked transmitters. 

A20-Nexus/Nexus Go firmware v1.60

Download v1.60


  • Group All TX commands for Record, RF Power On/Off, Mute, Format, ID 


  • Updated available country list
  • Faster powering on/off of A20 transmitters 
  • Web App: Prevented dragging a TX to a frequency within 300 KHz of another in the RTSA. 
  • ‘-’ and ‘_’ characters in the transmitter name virtual keyboard are now permitted 


  • Improvements finding clean frequencies when using AutoAssign 
  • Changing from a tuning band to an overlapping tuning band no longer prevents receiver channels from RF locking. 
  • Web App TX List does not scroll when you have more than 8 transmitters in the list 
  • Web App Nexus Overview screen doesn’t show an A10-TX’s record status 
  • Various Web App improvements. 

NAMM 2024 

Jan 25, 2024 – Jan 28, 2024
AnaheimCAUnited States (US)

At the NAMM show, January 25th through January 28th, in Anaheim, California, we’ll exhibit our Sound Devices Astral® family of wireless audio gear, including the 8-, 12-, or 16-channel A20-Nexus and 4-, 6-, or 8-channel A20-Nexus Go multichannel true diversity wireless receivers with 169-1525 MHz global tuning range via SpectraBand, NexLink® long-distance remote control of transmitters, and integrated RTSA; the A20-TX digital wireless bodypack transmitter with a multipurpose input, flexible powering, and ultra-low-power e-Paper display; the A20-Mini ultra-compact digital wireless bodypack transmitter with optional A20-BatteryDoubler for twice the battery runtime; and A20-RX two-channel slot-in portable true-diversity wireless receiver.  

We also have some surprises planned that you won’t want to miss! Be the first to see some new products making their debut at the NAMM show by visiting our booth, #18103. 

Gary is also going to deliver a presentation at the Demo Days titled “The Advantages of Digital Wireless Technology,” where he’ll discuss the foundations of wireless operation and share stories of his work in the field where he’s faced common challenges that he’s overcome with digital audio tools. 

For more information about the GerrAudio Demo Days and to register, please visit: www.gerr.com/demodays. 

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