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nanoKONTROL Studio

Made By: Korg.

The nanoKONTROL Studio provides transport keys and a mixer section, giving you stress-free control of your DAW or DJ software. It is battery operated and can connect wirelessly with your iPhone/iPad or Mac/Windows. It’s a light-weight, compact mobile MIDI controller that lets you create music more intuitively than ever.


Made By: Korg.

In a body proportioned to fit perfectly in front of your laptop computer, the nanoKONTROL2 provides eight channels of the controllers you need to control your music software. The nanoKONTROL2 also features a dedicated transport control section. The buttons have been carefully selected to be useful with your software, ensuring simple and intuitive control. Many software titles – including major DAW programs – are supported, dramatically reducing the need to make complicated connection settings.

LaunchControl XL

Made By: Novation.

Launch Control XL is the ultimate controller for Ableton Live. It helps you focus more on your music and less on your laptop, with 16 buttons, 24 knobs and eight faders, all seamlessly integrated Live to give you hands-on control.

Combined with Launchpad’s intuitive 64-button grid, Launch Control XL provides unrivalled simultaneous control over Ableton Live’s session view, mixer, effects, and instruments – it’s never been easier to craft the perfect mix.


Made By Akai Professional.

MIDImix is a portable compact high-performance mixer that has the unique ability to control your Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) with the press of a single button, giving all musicians and producers complete, uncomplicated mastery over mixing and processing of their digital music creations on the go.

Until now, you had to build and layer your mixes at the performance site first, then transfer that mix at a later time to your DAW for post-mix processing and manipulation. What a pain. This is not the way you’d like to do it, because of the time lag between constructing the initial mix and then not being able to work on it until later in your DAW. This meant you only had a limited ability to create the exact mix you wanted in real time.

MixPre v9.01 Firmware

Download v9.01


  • Added the ability to have audio on Aux In 1 and timecode on Aux In 2 or vice versa.


  • ISOs set to MS linking when in Custom Mode are no longer MS decoded in Mix Only Mode after a power cycle.
  • Limiter settings now persist over a power cycle (MixPre Series II).
  • Activating the slate mic no longer mutes channels that are not routed in the Slate Routing menu.
  • In Musicians mode, tracks 5/6 no longer playback to the LR mix regardless of their fader position (Only MixPres with Musicians Plugin installed).
  • Aux In Mode>Timecode Aux In 1 is no longer hidden (MixPre-3, 6 Series I only)
  • In Ambisonics mode, the binaural meters now work correctly (MixPre-6 I and II with Ambisonics plugin only).
  • In Custom mode, USB Outputs no longer get set to Track L after a power cycle.

MixPre v9.00 Firmware

Download v9.00


  • Support for 2-instance NoiseAssist plugin for the MixPre-Series II. The new 2-instance plugin is available from the Sound Devices Online Store. 
  • Support for +2ch plugin for the MixPre-3 (Series I and II). Turns the MixPre-3 from a 3-channel/5-track into a 5-channel/7-track recorder by adding mixable and recordable channels 4 and 5. The +2ch plugin is available from the Sound Devices Online Store. 
  • Added the ability to have both timecode and audio output on the Stereo Out 3.5mm connector (MixPre-3 II, MixPre-6 II only) 
  • Added a full slate mic routing matrix to the MixPre-10. 
  • Added Headphone + Ch1 knob and Headphone + Ch2 knob shortcuts to allow quick access to the extra channel settings (Ch 5&6 on MixPre-6, Ch 9&10 on MixPre-10, Ch 4&5 on MixPre-3 with +2ch plugin installed) 
  • Added adjustable virtual faders for channels 5,6 (MixPre-6), channels 9,10 (MixPre-10, and channels 4,5 (MixPre-3 with optional +2ch plugin). 
  • Extra channels can now be sourced from any Aux or USB input. 


  • Aux input gains changing after playback or a power cycle, no longer occur. 
  • With a controller connected, a channel no longer shows Low Cut as ‘200Hz’ when set to 160 Hz.