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Lomond “Ziggy” Campbell

Musician, artist, engineer, and perpetual tinkerer Lomond Campbell has set a soundtrack to harmonic motion. Sound Devices spoke with Campbell about his career, use of the MixPre-10 and most recent project, the Harmonograph Synth. SD.: How did you get into music? My parents used to play a lot of records when I was a kid.  […]

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Henrik Oppermann

Henrik Oppermann of Sonosphere captures immersive nature sounds with an 888 as part of his “quietest rig on Earth.” Henrik Oppermann, Creative Director at immersive content specialist Sonosphere, has been expanding the company’s immersive sound library of everyday nature sounds using his new 3-D microphone and a Sound Devices 888.  “Being in lockdown in the […]

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Podcasting on iPad Pro and Mac with John Voorhees

“I wanted a solution that worked equally well when I’m sitting at my Mac or iPad, allowing me to talk over Skype and record myself locally,” writes John Voorhees of “What I discovered was an incredibly versatile solution that accomplishes in a single device what Snell and Federico [of] cleverly constructed from a […]

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Anna Khromova

Location Sound Mixer Anna Khromova discusses working with the 833, her obsession with mic placement, and covering essential work during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Khromova discovered that location sound was her passion while attending film school. I started doing sound when I was at the New York Film Academy, where we learned production sound mixing as […]

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Voices of a Flyway

Sound Devices interviewed Dr. Jacob Job, principal investigator of the Voices of a Flyway project about how the MixPre-6 was the perfect tool for his research. S.D.: Tell us about “Voices of a Flyway.“ Voices of a Flyway examines the mutual challenges that migratory birds and humans face due to human activity on the planet. […]

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Carolina Barranco

Location Sound Mixer Carolina Barranco discusses her start in location sound, creating an inclusive industry, and why the MixPre-6 is her perfect work companion.

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