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The cast of La La Land. Photo Credit: Dale Robinette

Steven A. Morrow, CAS

Accomplished production sound mixer earns Oscar® nod for jazzing up track counts on the set of La La Land with Sound Devices 970 recorders.

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Women of Her Farm Nepal recording a podcast

Scott Maclennan

American photographer uses the USBPre 2 to help launch a women-owned podcasting studio – Her Farm Nepal – in a remote mountainous village near Kathmandu.

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Dan Slater with his 633 and MixPre-D on the launch site

Dan Slater

Reliable, rugged and versatile 633 mixer/recorder and other Sound Devices gear impresses Aerospace Engineer while capturing audio on rocket launches.

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Michael Alexander with his sound cart featuring a 970 recorder

Michael Alexander, CAS

Sound Supervisor chooses the 970 multi-track recorder as a discrete backup for Food Network hit Cutthroat Kitchen.

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Phillip Palmer with his sound cart featuring 2 PIX 260i's

Phillip W. Palmer, CAS

Award-winning sound mixer relies on PIX rack recorders for popular shows like Glee and Better Call Saul, as well as upcoming film Wakefield.

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Audio2 team capturing sounds at a European football match

Michael Kastelic

Austrian sound company uses 664 & 552 mixer/recorders to help enhance sporting event experience for blind and visually impaired fans.

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