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Jon Kalish

Veteran journalist Jon Kalish uses high-quality recordings from his MixPre-6 to work remotely for major radio networks.

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Marc Urselli

Grammy-award winning Marc Urselli uses his portable and lightweight MixPre-6 and MixPre-10T for capturing live shows without having to worry about interrupted recording.

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Mat Adams

Location sound recordist Mat Adams trusts the durability and reliability of his 688, SL-6 and A10 Digital Wireless System for on-location, remote and complex unscripted television productions.

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Ichsan Rachmaditta

Indonesian production sound mixer Ichsan Rachmaditta uses his 688 and SL-6 with Dugan AutoMix for clean master tracks in noisy environments and separately recorded ISOs

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Guntis Sics

Australian production sound mixer Guntis Sics found the A10 Digital Wireless System, with its easy-to-understand UI, simultaneous transmitting and recording abilities, robust construction, and superb audio quality, ideal for production on the kidnap drama Dhaka.

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CAS Quarterly Tech Review of A10 Wireless System

Professional sound mixer, Devendra Cleary, CAS, in Hollywood, CA put the A10 Wireless System through the test in this Technical Review for CAS Quarterly Magazine.

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