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SL-Riser Assembly

The SL-Riser is a mechanical mount required for attaching the SL-6 to the Scorpio.

The following instructions are for installing the SL-Riser and connecting the SL-6 to the Scorpio.

Supplies Required

  • Scorpio
  • SL-6
  • No. 1 Phillips head screwdriver
  • SL-Riser package

The SL-Riser package includes:

  • SL-Riser
  • Five 16 mm M3 x 0.5 Phillips screws
  • SL-6 connection cable (part number 1058.00) – The SL-6 connection cable included with the SL-Riser is slightly longer than the cable included with the SL-6. This allows for easier connectivity between units.

Step 1

Press on the lower point of the magnetic Scorpio badge plate to remove it from the top of the unit.

Step 2

Remove the three 8 mm Phillips screws from Scorpio’s top panel. Save these three screws for later use. The rear left screw is unused and should remain in place for SL-Riser installation.

Step 3

Place the SL-Riser on top of the Scorpio, lining up the 5 screw holes. Using the included 16 mm Phillips screws, secure the SL-Riser to the Scorpio.

Step 4

Attach the SL-6 to the Scorpio using the supplied ribbon cable.The ribbon cable should feed through the SL-Riser. Connect the other side to the SL-6.

Step 5

Secure the SL-6 to the SL-Riser using the three original 8 mm Phillips screws from the Scorpio top panel.

Step 6

Place the magnetic Scorpio badge on the bottom panel of the unit.

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